Undertale in EXAPUNKS

I play games pretty slowly these days. Never finished Myst. Still working on Cuphead.

My wife and I played Undertale a couple years after it came out, and loved it.

I started playing Zachtronics' EXAPUNKS a few years ago, and finally beat it last fall, only to hear that Zachtronics was closing down and moving on. EXAPUNKS is essentially "Assembly language: the game" meets Neuromancer. After a long day of high-level abstraction in your code, sometimes you just want to twiddle some bits.

One of the missions involves hacking a Virtual Boy-like game system, but you can also make freeform games for it, so I made this "demo" of Undertale in EXAPUNKS.

For my own amusement, I'm pretending to have "found" it while hopping dimensions; we'll see if anyone's fooled.


Tags: exapunks undertale

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